About our organisation:                                                                                                      

Social Innovation & Regional Development Institution (S.I.RE.D.) is a civil company of non-profit

making aims, active within the social economy sector. S.I.RE.D. was established in 2017 and

is based in Trikala, Greece

Our Mission - Overall                                                                                                       

Our vision is to be evolved into an influential, European wide non for profit organization.

Our mission is to work in partnership with similar organizations nationally and internationally so that to promote educational and training excellence for individuals from marginalized groups of the community and enable them to become key players of the social economy. To make knowledge widely accessible and offer  personal development opportunities in order to contribute in quality of life improvements. Principles of altruism and voluntarism remain key defining characteristics for S.I.RE.D.

Our Mission – Values and Approach                                                                              

Our approach for achieving our mission includes:

  • Support initiatives, activities and events of the local community, local governance, associations, community foundations and voluntary organizations.
  • Support social inclusion of groups that traditionally are under threat of exclusion and marginalization, due to a variety of reasons (i.e. unemployment, economic crisis, mobility challenges, addiction, immigration, refugees, rehabilitation, minorities, gender/age


  • Support the development of deprived regions (mountainous , rural , agricultural areas)
  • Promote and support culture, education and scientific research, as the main tool for tackling existing or future social and economic inequalities.
  • Establish the necessary conditions and environment to promote social solidarity and social economy as the main tool to foster a fertile environment for the development of social entrepreneurship as the means to engage the most vulnerable social groups.
  • Offer any relevant aid (humanitarian, educational, developmental, scientific, technical etc) and cooperation with developing countries aiming to contribute towards their social and economic development within the spirit of international solidarity.
  • Develop working consortiums (contractual or not) with legal entities or individuals of the private and/or public sector, for the purpose of undertaking research programmes, research initiatives, establishing scientific cross sectors working groups, organizing information events, international meetings and any other activities aiming to promote social solidarity and economy.
  • Establish a framework for exchanging experiences and technical knowledge between organizations and individual players within the social solidarity and economy sector. Also establish a centre for dissemination and commercialization of any project results and activities.
  • Create interconnections and partnerships with organizations of the same sphere of interest and activity, internationally and in particular

within the European region, via international collaborations as participants in European networks with focus on information, knowledge and experience exchange.

  • Research and promote initiatives contributing towards cultural and intellectual development, protection of our cultural tradition and in heritage, environmental protection and awareness, scientific way of thinking, and the accessibility of knowledge related to art, culture, tourism, tradition, mass media communication (both in paper and electronic form), IT and new technologies.
  • Support and promote training and vocational education.

 Target group                                                                                                                    

 We work closely with municipalities of our region and developmental agencies and academia in order to create interventions to support entrepreneurs and innovative solutions in impact sectors. Target groups for our organization and its activities are adult men and women (workers and unemployed), people with high potential but also those who face (for whatever reason) the risk of exclusion from the labor market. S.I.RE.D involved in relief, rehabilitation, or community development work in Greece and other countries.


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